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Manage Accounts All From One Universal Inbox

Thanks to Facebook, it just got easier for small- bigstock--152187014.jpgand mid-sized businesses to manage their social media accounts and communicate with customers. 

The social media giant recently launched a new feature that allows small businesses to link their Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger accounts together to more efficiently and effectively interact with customers.  

An inbox for all

The new feature, called a Universal Inbox, will allow social media managers to keep track of the comments, reviews and direct messages they receive from customers on each of the three channels--in a single place, without toggling between phones and apps. 

In the past, employees responsible for managing social media had to scurry to manage their organizations online presences. Many reported to Facebook they were frequently forced to toggle between different apps for each channel and often different phones just to stay on top of conversations taking place on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. 

Facebook listened, understood how big the burden was becoming (the company says pages receive nearly 5 billion comments, messages and visitor posts combined every month) and responded by developing a solution.  

Why use the Universal Inbox

The Universal Inbox may not be for everyone. Facebook makes it clear if you are comfortable with your current processes, you don't need to change a thing. 

But if you're spending entirely too much time toggling between apps and phones, there are several great reasons to use the Universal Inbox:

Get started in three steps

According to Facebook, the universal inbox will roll out to users around the world in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can start getting ready to leverage the tool for your inbound marketing efforts in three steps:

1) Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts by clicking on the messaging icon at the bottom of your Page 

2) Stay on top of your social media activity so you don't miss anything

3) Download the "Jump Start Your Inbound Marketing" guide from Adtack


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