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Marketing for the New Online SuperShopper

Holiday Gifts

Mark down 2016 as the beginning of the online supershopper era. This is the year savvy shoppers (and savvier marketers) really began to embrace the power of online and mobile shopping. The tide first changed in the summer, when an annual survey found shoppers had begun making the majority, of their purchases online. Even when buying at local stores, more shoppers than ever are using their phones to discover new brands and find the best prices. To get on their radar and influence their final purchases, here's what you need to know about these holiday supershoppers:

They like choice. With the world at their fingertips, is it any surprise online shoppers are less loyal to brands? The internet has made it possible for shoppers to explore a variety of options from brands in a product search, to local and online prices for those products. This ability to fine tune a buying decision means many mobile shoppers change their mind over the course of their buyer's journey. Your goal as a business is to be visible in the searches and showcase why your brand is worth changing their mind and cementing their buying decision.

They are inspired by their searches. Gone are the days of the JCPenney Big Book; a paper catalog that used to be browsed by millions of Americans fantasizing what furnishings and apparel would fit best in their life. Today, shoppers have mobile devices and apps for a never-ending, always changing source of home and life inspiration. Businesses can inspire shoppers by showing how their product works in quick how-to vehicles and catching their interest on browsing-central sites like Pinterest.

They appreciate quality more than the lowest deal. Mobile shoppers and online supershoppers are looking more for quality and great practices than for the cheapest deal. This is twice as true for millennials who say sustainability is a shopping priority. So in addition to finding a quality product, these shoppers want to invest in an environmentally-friendly brand or product that brings social value. In appealing to these buyers, don't just highlight your product's cost but also what your company does locally and why your products or services are unique, personalized and simply one-of-a-kind.

They want things fast. 78 percent of surveyed Amazon Prime users said they registered for the service because of the free 2-day shipping. A Google survey found 76 percent of people who searched on mobile for something near their location visited a business within 24 hours and 28 percent of those near-me searches resulted in a purchase. Incorporate these facts into your business strategy by registering with Google Maps, promoting fast service and highlighting in-store offers.

Appealing to the supershopper and millennial buyer is all about being in the right place and highlighting the right content. For more information about appealing to holiday supershoppers, contact us at 702-270-8772 for a consultation.

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