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The face of SEO is changing thanks to large bigstock-Who-are-you-question-in-vintag-117745670.jpgadvancements in search algorithms. A decade ago, it was enough for search engine marketers to drop a bundle of keywords on a business page, throw some links around the web, and enjoy skyrocketing to the top of Google's ranking. Any Las Vegas SEO company worth their salt knows this is no longer the case, and would likely cringe at the suggestion.

The internet and development technology has grown exponentially since those early days. Instead of keyword stuffing, a smart company will focus on creating the optimum content to get search engine algorithms to 'understand' your website and your company.

While there are several components of how a Las Vegas SEO company will achieve this, arguably one of the most important is personalization.

Personalization: Past, Present, and Today

Personalization has been a component of Google and a few other websites for several years now, but it has recently taken on great new import. This term is used to describe whenever a search engine, website, or social media platform uses previously inserted information from the user to direct their query results. Businesses can use it to their advantage by personalizing their own content to gain higher search engine results, especially among those users most likely to be interested in their products or services. It can also be used on one's website to better direct the consumer through the sales process.

Perhaps one of the first recognized, and often most annoying, example of this can be found on travel websites, particularly websites selling airplane tickets. On such sites, if a user from Las Vegas performs a search for flight tickets from Las Vegas to Toronto, the results will often include higher prices then if a user based in California ordered the same Las Vegas to Toronto ticket. This is because the user's previous activity, undoubtedly involving Las Vegas-based searches and a Las Vegas IP-address, was taken into account when determining how much the Las Vegas-based user might pay. 

When a Las Vegas SEO company looks at your website, they will consider the following factors for how to proceed with personalizing your content and marketing approach:

  • Ideal buyers' location.  Search engines, most notably Google, will now tailor search engine results to match the city, metropolitan area, and state based on the user's location. 
  • Ideal buyers' personal history.  This one is a bit more tricky as it involves think-tanking what other information a user might be interested in, and including that product, service, website, etc. into a cohesive SEO strategy.
  • Ideal buyers' social connections.  Increasingly, today's search engines, including those integrated into social media platforms, are trying to emulate offline scenarios in using a person's social connections to influence their results. So if a user's e-mail contact on Yelp! positively reviewed a bistro, that bistro is more likely to rise in the user's search for restaurants.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing October 5, 2016