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Should Marketing Campaigns Target Households or Individuals?

A targeted marketing campaign focuses on those who are most likely to use your product or service. Though you can target your campaign based on demographics, another detail to consider is whether your marketing efforts should appeal to households or individual members of the household. Targeting the right audience is a simple way to boost your sales and promote awareness of your brand. 

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To decide whether your campaign should appeal to households or individuals, you must determine who is more likely to purchase your product or service. By focusing your marketing efforts on audiences who have the highest likelihood of responding to your ads, you increase your campaign's likelihood of boosting sales.

Typically, if your product or service is an item that benefits the whole household or that multiple members will use, you should direct your campaign to the household. Family vacations and household furniture are items that fall in this category. However, if the campaign benefits one member of the household or if a single member makes the purchasing decisions, it is generally better to direct your campaign to this individual. 

For example, a snack enjoyed by the whole family likely calls for a campaign that appeals to the household. Even though one or two household members may make most of the purchases, other members likely influence their purchasing choices. 

Ideally, you will utilize data to help determine whether or not your campaign should target the household or an individual. If data shows Mom controls most of the purchasing decisions for a particular product or service, she should be the target of your campaign. 

You can adjust your marketing campaign so it appeals to both the household and the individuals in the household. One way to do this is to produce ads for the whole household that run during times when the entire family is present. Your campaign may also incorporate another ad that targets individual household members and broadcasts during time frames that these individuals are most likely to see it.

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