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Social Media Trends in 2019

If you want to reach more customers and boost your interactions with your existing customers, your social media accounts are an invaluable resource. With social media constantly evolving, you need to know what to expect this year. Here are a few social media trends to watch as 2019 progresses:

Here’s What to Expect from Social Media This Year

Social Media Will Continue to Help Brands Build Loyalty
Today's consumers have so many purchasing options that it's easy for them to look to other companies when they're unhappy with their buying experiences. However, one way to keep a potentially long-term customer from searching elsewhere is to build loyalty using social media. Social media pages are an excellent way for companies to achieve a personal connection with their customers. If your customers can associate a face with your business, this encourages them to develop a relationship. This relationship encourages loyalty and trust, both of which help companies retain customers.

Long-form Content Will Be More Prevalent
Current recommendations suggest producing long-form content is an excellent way to boost your search engine rankings. Assuming similar quality, a lengthy article will rank better than a shorter article. Keep this in mind as you create blog posts or buying guides for your customers.

Personalized Marketing Is the Way to Go
Customers expect a personalized marketing experience; they want to receive offers that appeal to their needs. Targeting advertising is one way to ensure you are directing your marketing campaign to the correct individuals. Social media will continue to grow as a valuable tool to help companies better direct their advertising messages.

Video Will Continue to Be Popular Content Among Consumers
Businesses are increasingly finding video is an excellent medium to aid customers with understanding how to use a product or learn how to pick from similar product options. This includes both pre-recorded videos and live-streaming. Live-streaming is a great way for companies to personally connect with their customers while simultaneously addressing their questions and concerns, as well as promoting their products.

Social Media Sites Are Increasingly Requiring Businesses to Pay
The trend of social media sites requiring businesses to pay some type of fee in order to reach more of their audiences will continue. Be prepared to pay for sponsored posts, invest in social media ads, or purchase "boosted" posts (posts that appear to a large number of people). Though interaction with social media followers organically allows your content to reach more people, many companies will find it's ideal to budget for social media ads.

Social media is a valuable outlet for businesses. If you’re unfamiliar with how to leverage this medium to your advantage, contact our marketing team at 702-270-8772. We’ll be able to assess your current marketing plan and help you improve and ADTACK your strategies to attract more business.

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