Surprise (not)! Consumers Keep Raising the Bar on Data Demands

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Maybe you've noticed that consumers have businessman hand working with modern technology and digital layer effect as business strategy concept.jpeggrown impatient, almost to a fault. As a marketer, it can help enormously to know what they're so impatient to find while they work their cell phones into a frenzy.

The dominant search engine in the world, Google, shares some consumer data insights that can help marketers refine their offerings so that “hurry up” consumers can find what they're looking for the second they demand it.

This is a bit of an exaggeration, for marketers actually have about 3 seconds to deliver; a Google study of 900,000 mobile sites showed 53 percent of consumers abandoned websites took more than 3 seconds to load. If it's any consolation, Google says that while consumers seek information at break-neck speed, they're often likely to make a purchase decision right on the spot, too. Call it the new “scorched-earth” methodology of today's consumers.

- Consumer data insight:

Mobile searches containing the words “the best” have increased by 80 percent in the last two years.

Consequence for marketers: The natural temptation would be to flood your offerings with hyperbole. But the risk is that your product information may sound too promotional and lack substance. The other risk is that your competitors may take the same tack, creating confusion and skepticism among consumers. Mitigate both risks by supporting lofty claims with evidence, examples and customer testimonials. Even time-strapped consumers should recognize credibility when they see it.

- Consumer data insight:

Consumers are much more likely to make purchases from businesses whose mobile apps tailor information to their location.

Consequence for marketers: Just to keep marketers on their toes, this insight contains a bonus insight: Whereas several years ago consumers expected to search for “best thin-crust pizza in Boston” or “best thin-crust pizza near me,” they have since dropped the last two words from their searches. In other words, they expect businesses to automatically tailor searches to their location; in their haste, they don't want to provide an extra prompt.

- Consumer data insight:

Consumers are 50 percent more likely to make an immediate purchase from their phone than a year ago.

Consequence for marketers: What's the difference between a purchase and an “immediate purchase”? The latter is one that quickly follows a search for a local dentist, a local pizza parlor or an out-of-town hotel. Once consumers (think they) find what they're looking for, they're more likely to use their phone to make an appointment, make a purchase or make a reservation. “Yesterday's” consumers, who were more tethered to desktops and laptops, were more likely to do research and comparison-shop than “today's” digital consumers.

You wouldn't be the only marketer who feels energized and a bit daunted by these insights. After all, what do you do first? And how do you integrate action steps into your digital marketing plan? Let the marketing professionals ADTACK help. First, download our “Defining: Digital Marketing” guide. Then call us to make a consultation so we can help you calm those impatient-to-a-fault consumers – and lead them directly to your business' door.

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