By ADTACK Marketing on April 17, 2017

Take the Perfect Facebook Ad Photo

bigstock--136726301.jpgIf smartphones have turned virtually everybody into a photographer, then it's probably equally true that Facebook has transformed virtually everybody into a marketer or self-promoter.
In this climate, you have to ramp it up, especially if you're a business owner who depends on Facebook ads to generate business. Take what you already know and respect about the appeal of photos and apply the expert polish of professionals to give your ads maximum “pulling power.”

Take photos that “pull”

  • Take photos for mobile viewership. You may have heard: more Web traffic takes place on mobile rather than stationary devices. This means your pictures must “travel well” to this smaller medium. Change the orientation, if necessary and ensure that small but important details “pop.”
  • Take photos that look (and are) natural. This is where you can prove your mettle over amateur photographers, who often stage photos that end up...looking that way. Focus on one person, one object or one idea – your focal point – to crystallize your message.
  • Take photos that display your focal point in an eye-catching way. Instead of aiming for a straight-on vantage point, zoom in so your subject appears closer to one side of the frame or along the top or bottom edge. This slightly off-kilter perspective will give your photos a decidedly artistic flair.
  • Take photos that are vibrant with color. Not to be confused with staging, looking for color opportunities is just smart picture-taking. This means showing a preference for subjects who wear warm or cool colors and avoiding white, tan and other dull, muted colors. Get a color wheel from a paint store if you need help visualizing how “opposite” colors attract.
  • Take photos that display contrast between light and shadows. This is another way of saying, Don't be afraid of shadows, which many novices avoid. Experimenting will help fortify your confidence and enable you to see how contrast can add a layer of depth that will make your ads stand out.
  • Take photos of landscapes, storefronts and vast scenes with a subject in the foreground. It's not always possible to capture, but even a casual passerby will add texture and interest to a photo that might otherwise inspire yawns.

After you're done shooting

Begin the second stage of this creative process by arranging your Facebook ad photos in a compelling layout. If you're new to this task, look at photo collage frames for inspiration. They can be helpful insofar as guiding you to experiment with horizontal and vertical shapes, though you may have to wring out your creative juices to create a layout with photos of various sizes.

Along the way, remember Facebook provides some tips to help you create an ad, with a photo or photos as the main attraction.

When you're finished, share your work with the marketing team at ADTACK, along with any “do's” and “don'ts” you care to pass along to others on our Facebook page. If you include a “selfie,” we'll take it as a good sign that you've already championed an important lesson about marketing and self-promotion.

Published by ADTACK Marketing April 17, 2017