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The Right COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategy to Convert In-store Sales to Online Leads

"You use the in-store sales you already have, of course."

Thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, organizations of all shapes and sizes have had to seriously rethink their marketing efforts as they attempt to navigate this "new normal". As a result, the need for a forward-thinking, reliable COVID-19 digital marketing strategy has essentially become a universal need for all businesses in a short amount of time.

With so many businesses opened in a very limited capacity to the public (and so many others still closed indefinitely), growing the online side of your business has never been more important. But how do you generate the types of reliable online leads you'll need to make it through the pandemic as effectively as possible? You use the in-store sales you already have, of course.

The Building Blocks of Your COVID-19 Digital Marketing Strategy: Bringing Online & Offline Together

As a small business owner whose business is open to the public, it's very likely that you’ve leveraged a relationship-based selling approach with your customers. That's exactly what you need to continue to hone in on, as you expand your online footprint. One of the ways to expand your digital footprint involves making the transition between offline service and internet-based interactions as seamless as you possibly can.

A big part of this requires you to organize both your online and offline data efficiently. If you're not already doing so, you need to use a customer relationship management (CRM) solution to track every interaction between a customer and your brand. Not only will you be able to store and track data relating to those in-store sales, but you'll also be able to glean insights from phone chats, online interactions and more sources, too.


What this means is you'll have a better indication of how the same customers behave online versus in-store, and what you need to do to support and empower both of those experiences whenever possible. In other words, you're putting yourself in a position to evolve with your customer by returning to the strategy fundamentals that made your business a success to begin with.

By creating a unified experience both online and offline in this way, you're creating an exceptional buyer's journey in the process. That alone will soften help people transition to an internet relationship during the pandemic, before returning to an in-store one once COVID-19 has finally left us behind.

ADTACK: Your Partners in Digital Marketing

At ADTACK, we've been helping organizations in many different industries with their digital marketing needs for over a decade. We've seen first-hand the impact COVID-19 has already had on many small businesses’ marketing efforts. But with the right approach, you can turn those in-store sales into the types of reliable online leads you need to weather this storm and come out on the better side of it.

If you'd like to find more information about converting in-store customers into loyal online advocates, or if you’re ready to transform your COVID-19 digital marketing strategy, contact us at 702-270-8772 today.

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