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By ADTACK Marketing on January 06, 2017

The Rise of the Millennial Business Traveler

Millennial-aged employees are fast outpacing bigstock-Urban-business-man-talking-on--61967258.jpgevery other generation when it comes to traveling for business. While that fact alone shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, the important facet travel companies and the like need to pay attention to is their vastly different buying and research habits. Particularly when it comes to how and when they use their devices to book their travel.

Corporate heads now recognize the benefits in allowing their employees greater flexibility and control in their business travel. Acknowledging employees' own use of their devices, from reaching deals online to booking their stays, is better for budgets and employee productivity and satisfaction -- a key asset in attracting greater talent and keeping turnover low.

So as these policies change, travel companies will need to appeal to the different characteristics that define millennial business travelers. The primary of which are technology, design and frugality.

  • Technology.  The college graduates of today have been using digital technology since elementary school. They are tech-savvy and increasingly look more at how well a hotel or similar travel company's website translates on mobile than on a desktop environment. It's important for companies looking to appeal to this demographic of business travelers to have a clean and easy user interface on all of their digital platforms. A clunky mobile website will be quickly dismissed by this generation. 
  • Design.  One of the primary reasons Airbnb became so popular is because it allows travelers to transcend basic bed and bathroom hotel rooms, and choose spaces with more style, function and beauty. Hotels are seeking to attract attention back to themselves by redesigning their interiors to offer more community-oriented lobbies and stylish rooms. 
  • Frugality.  Millennials are, or at least feel to be, less financially secure, having come to age during this most recent recession. It's also a generation navigating debt, with four in ten saying they feel overwhelmed by the pressure of student loans.

Building business products and travel services and marketing those products and services to this new generation of business travelers is thus not an easy task. Despite demanding quality design with integrated technology, they also are always on the hunt for the best deal possible. And they know how to do those searches most effectively as they are a generation born into technology. 

For more detailed tips and tech tricks to attracting young business travelers and other millennials to your company, download our free Jumpstart Your Inbound Marketing guide, Here, we expand upon how you can use technology and design to create a better-looking website and advertising campaign that will grab attention and solicit greater sales. Enjoy greater visibility and marketing effectiveness today!

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Published by ADTACK Marketing January 6, 2017