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The Ultimate Need to Know List of Marketing Statistics

They’re used to validate customer preferences,bigstock-The-Tablet-In-The-Hands-Of-A-B-117459803.jpg identify trends and verify the quality of products and services. They lend credibility to assertions in virtually any argument – at least if people are willing to listen. And sometimes they’re invoked for the sole purpose of dazzling.

It’s a rare professional who doesn’t reach for a compelling statistic at least once a week. So if you’re looking for a resource teeming with marketing statistics, look no further than HubSpot’s latest offering, fittingly called “The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics.” 

Always thorough in its presentation of data, HubSpot breaks down the list into nine categories:

  1. Advertising
  2. Content marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Lead generation
  5. Marketing technology
  6. Sales
  7. Search engine optimization
  8. Social media
  9. Video marketing

Consider a sampling from this compelling and comprehensive list:

Advertising statistics:

Content marketing statistics:

Email marketing statistics:

Lead generation statistics:

Sales statistics:

Search engine optimization statistics:

Social media statistics:

While fun to review in the abstract, statistics take on an entirely new meaning when they’re used in tandem with an inbound marketing strategy. When you need help conceptualizing, developing, managing and measuring your strategy, reach out to the marketing experts at ADTACK.

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