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It’s 2019:Do LinkedIn Recommendations Still Matter? (And How to Set up a Killer Business Profile)

LinkedIn RecommendationsAs one of the largest social media platforms in the world, LinkedIn often loses out to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter in search engine optimization publications by all but the most professional social media agencies.

Unlike the other popular social outlets, LinkedIn has managed to maintain a decidedly professional bearing, where the businessperson can expect to find targeted connections.

LinkedIn started around 2003 and is widely used for professional networking social media platforms. The basis of LinkedIn is professional connections-networking for the modern era.

By putting out feelers correctly – which largely entails setting up a LinkedIn profile page the right way – clients, customers, referrals and more will gravitate towards the seeker.

As LinkedIn has evolved, the features of the website have as well. There are targeted groups, like alumni or common industries that you can be a part of, read articles posted by experts in their fields and share your perspectives and important information as well.

Does having a recommendation, either on your personal or business account matter?

Yes. And no.

For further explanation:

On your LinkedIn profile, depending on its privacy settings, your connections have the option of leaving you an endorsement or a recommendation for your skills and qualifications for various jobs.

You also have the option of requesting these from former and current coworkers and clients. These recommendations and endorsements can make your company look more appealing to potential future clients.

The biggest benefit to recommendations? The more you have, the higher you can rank in LinkedIn searches which means more eyes on your content and potential leads, depending on your industry.

Getting recommendations and endorsements are wonderful with a few exceptions. The exceptions:

Setting up an Incredible LinkedIn Profile

As previously mentioned, LikedIn can do so much for a prospective client because of how targeted the platform is.

As such, a profile takes on even more importance than in other social media networks. After a few lines detailing a short biography, the rest of the space should be devoted to your company and your place as a thought leader. Things to include:

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