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By ADTACK Marketing on June 14, 2021

Tips to Successfully Implement SEO Tactics into Everything You Do


Google uses more than 200 different factors when determining how to rank a website. This makes it essential for your company to follow search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in all your digital ventures. Follow these tips to successfully implement SEO tactics into your online activities to increase the opportunities for higher visibility and more engagement. 

Focus on Building a Comprehensive Brand Experience

For the best SEO performance, your content needs to do more than have the right keywords; you should strive to provide useful, high-quality content that will provide a superior user experience. To achieve this, your content should first follow these basic rules. 

  • Have rapid load times
  • Be aesthetically pleasing
  • Perform well on mobile devices. 

Make sure that you don't create content that's designed solely for better search engine rankings. Trying to implement SEO tactics in this manner is generally less useful to actual customers, and that trait can hurt your website conversions. Search engines also tend to eventually penalize web pages that perform for rankings rather than users. 

While it's tempting to try to capture traffic from the current top keywords, your SEO tactics should look beyond the "hot" keywords. Try to instead capture traffic from longer keywords (four words or more) that demonstrate a strong user intent.

These keywords are known as long-tail keywords and tend to be more specific than the popular short-tail keywords. The thought process used to search for these longer keywords is indicative of a consumer who's highly interested in making a purchase or transaction. 

Implement SEO Best Practices from the Start

A common mistake that companies make is creating content and then adjusting the content so that it fits search engine optimization rules. This is a mistake and frequently results in content that overlooks SEO best practices.

Instead, produce your content with search engine optimization in mind. Your content should use titles, meta data, and header tags that follow optimization guidelines. Not only will this result in richer, better-performing content, but it will save you from having to spend time trying to adjust and rework your content so that it fits optimization rules. 

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Content

Producing content for search engines isn't something that you can do one time and then never do again. Instead, you need to look at the data for your content and see that it's performing according to your expectations.

Is it optimized for the right keywords? Are you optimizing for the best search engines and social media sites for your business? Are there new keywords that your content should try to capture? Revisit and rework your content accordingly. 

If trying to manage how to successfully implement SEO tactics seems like a daunting and time-consuming task, consider having professionals like our ADTACK crew manage it for you. Allow us to be experts in our industry so that you have time to be an expert in yours. 

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Published by ADTACK Marketing June 14, 2021