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By ADTACK Marketing
on June 15, 2019
You’ve set aside time daily to post, interact and engage on social media. You know where to find all the files and you know the message you want to convey. Now you can spare yourself valuable time by ...


By ADTACK Marketing
on June 07, 2018
Social media is a prominent part of society today, but the personal information you share may put you at risk for identity theft, fraud and other incidents. Reuters reported that up to 87 million ...
By ADTACK Marketing
on September 14, 2017
Ah, the joys of ad targeting on Facebook. It's a practice that puts your ads in front of the people who are most interested in what you have to say. It works for businesses large and small. It allows ...
By ADTACK Marketing
on April 17, 2017
If smartphones have turned virtually everybody into a photographer, then it's probably equally true that Facebook has transformed virtually everybody into a marketer or self-promoter. In this ...
By Chelsea Williams
on December 21, 2016
Facebook trumps other sites by far In a national survey of 1,520 adults, the center found the Internet is connecting Americans more than ever before: 86 percent of Americans are now online.
By ADTACK Marketing
on September 10, 2016
It was bound to happen. After all, technology is advancing at a pace unlike any other time in history. Almost as soon as disruptive ads became ubiquitous, programmers started looking for ways to make ...
By Ashley Hoppe
on July 21, 2015
We have Facebook news that could affect your business. With over a third of the Internet's three billion users having a Facebook login account, this social network provides a massive marketing ...