The Importance of the Mobile Experience

Filed Under: Mobile, Website @ 9:40 AM April 25, 2018

How long are you expecting your customers to wait for your mobile website to load – 5 seconds? 10? Or is 15.3 seconds, which is the amount of time it takes for most mobile websites to load? That's a long time in a society that has come to value instant gratification above almost all else.

“Help me, know me, guide me,” mobile users say; are marketers listening?

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile @ 10:12 AM June 16, 2017

You could say that consumers are becoming needier; give them what they want and they simply want more of it.

Let's-Book-It-Moments: The Secrets to Travel Marketing Success

Filed Under: Mobile, traveling @ 4:23 PM May 22, 2017

We all know the internet changed the world in innumerable ways. What was once normal life is ancient history. While everything was certainly turned upside down with the advent of the internet, some industries were more impacted by it than others. The travel industry, for example, saw a dramatic shift from consumers using travel agents to people going online and booking their own reservations.

Mobile Measurement

Filed Under: Mobile @ 12:30 PM April 25, 2017

So now you have the easy answer to one of your questions: many of the people you see, hovering over and clicking away at their smartphones, are probably looking at ads.

As Google Prioritizes Mobile, So Must Organizations

Filed Under: Social Media, Mobile @ 10:32 AM January 04, 2017

In response to an increase in the number of searches conducted from mobile devices, Google has announced it is shifting to a mobile-first initiative. As Google prioritizes to the popularity of mobile devices, online marketers must follow suit. Marketing campaigns and websites must either adapt so they’re mobile friendly, or else be prepared to be bypassed.

Stocking Stuffer Insights for Mobile App Marketers

Filed Under: Mobile, Content @ 11:37 AM December 19, 2016

We've all heard the phrase, "There's an app for that." Why is it so popular? Well, because it's true.

The Surprising Ways Business Travelers Are Using Their Mobile Devices

Filed Under: Mobile @ 5:32 PM November 16, 2016

A recent industry report from Skift found the vast majority of business travelers are using mobile devices while away from the office. The report found that 90 percent of business travelers expect Wi-Fi access at hotels and 86 percent expect it at airports. Moreover, 95 percent of business travelers have a smartphone and 64 percent own a tablet. Some travelers bring as many as four devices with them when going on a business trip. While these findings may be predictable, the way business travelers are using their mobile devices is surprising.

The Mobile Shift: Changing Mindsets to Drive Growth

Filed Under: Mobile, Content @ 10:00 AM November 09, 2016

Mobile technology has irrevocably changed how people consume content, discover new products or services and ultimately make purchases on those products. But while many eager and innovative marketers are jumping on board with mobile-based marketing, a large percentage of them are overlooking a key component for success. Despite investing in the right tech, they are building strategies based upon what they know about desktop-first measurements and performance indicators. This is a critical mistake that can hamper any marketer's ability to succeed in driving growth. Which is, after all, the primary goal of any marketing agency, brand or company. 

Which Mobile Ad Format Works Best For The User Experience?

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Mobile, advertising @ 10:00 AM November 03, 2016

Creating mobile ads is both an art and a science. Successful ads don’t disrupt a site so much that visitors become aggravated with the ad, yet they are designed to get attention and engage visitors. New research reveals the best way to strike the proper balance.

Failure is Not an Option: Why You Must Launch Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

Filed Under: Mobile, Email @ 2:51 PM September 27, 2016

More emails are now opened on mobile devices than on desktops. Different studies cite different stats – anywhere from 53% to nearly 68% – but either way, the trend remains the same. Which means mobile-friendly email campaigns are no longer an option, they’re a must-have. What’s a mobile-friendly email? It’s one that displays optimally on both a mobile device and a desktop, ensuring it’s attractive and easy to digest regardless of where someone reads it. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to make your email campaigns mobile friendly.

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