You, Too, Can Be Known As “The Great Office Communicator”

Filed Under: Office @ 10:00 AM March 13, 2017

Wouldn’t this scene just make your day – and even your week? Someone is so blown away by your communication skills that they corner you near the office vending machine and just have to know: What are your top 10 secrets? And would you possibly share them so that others can follow your good example?

Optimizing Productivity for Your Personality Type

Filed Under: Office, Content, personalization @ 10:10 AM January 18, 2017

Have you ever tried a co-worker's favorite productivity tool, only to have it completely fail on you a month later? Don't think of yourself as a quitter. Instead, the problem with planners and productivity apps that don't work for you is likely due to a dissonance with your productivity personality. Everyone thinks a bit differently. It's in understanding those differences and working with the tools that will enhance and not distract from those differences that will optimize your productivity.

The Ultimate Need to Know List of Marketing Statistics

Filed Under: Marketing, Office @ 11:02 AM November 23, 2016

They’re used to validate customer preferences, identify trends and verify the quality of products and services. They lend credibility to assertions in virtually any argument – at least if people are willing to listen. And sometimes they’re invoked for the sole purpose of dazzling.

Avoid Employee Burnout: Outsource Creativity for Better Customer Engagement

Filed Under: Office, Content @ 11:00 AM November 18, 2016

Lead generation, website design, content creation, social media campaigns, and PR. That’s only a partial list of the creative tasks businesses have their employees perform every day. Standout creative work doesn’t come easy, so it should come as no surprise that burnout is a huge issue that stems from the pressure employees feel. It’s a major reason talented workers leave, even if they enjoy other aspects of their jobs. There’s a solution available that restores employee well-being and keeps your company competitive: creative outsourcing.

Celebrating Businesses for National Entrepreneur Month

Filed Under: Office @ 3:31 PM November 14, 2016

They're an economic powerhouse and there are millions of them across the country. They create jobs, improve the country's overall quality of life and represent the best of what the American Dream has to offer. 

They are entrepreneurs, and this is their month. 

3 Successful Leadership Qualities

Filed Under: Office, Leadership @ 5:17 PM October 21, 2016

Many qualities of a great leader have been identified but there are a few that seem to stand out as being more important than others. The good news is that these qualities can be learned and they must be learned by the practice and repetition of a new inclusive business model. It's called the collaborative model, which its creator smartly acknowledges is not suited “for every situation." Still, business leaders who embrace this leadership model exude three qualities in particular:

Billionaires Reveal How They Make the Most of Their 1,440 Minutes a Day

Filed Under: Tips, Office @ 1:00 PM September 14, 2016

There are 1,440 minutes in a day and 1,000 times as many suggestions for how to make the most of every one.

6 Ways To Keep Your Clients Happy

Filed Under: Workplace, Office @ 10:30 AM August 17, 2016

The signs are often subtle: your phone calls aren't returned as promptly as usual or you hear a sarcastic comment during a meeting or a mumbled remark after one is over.

Clients rarely part ways with a company over one misunderstanding or even one missed deadline. Tension and discontent builds over time, which is good because when your gut sends the “something is wrong here” signal, you usually still have time to mend the breach.

How to Prepare for the Unexpected

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Office, Content @ 5:16 PM August 11, 2016

It may sound illogical, but you can plan for the unexpected. You may not know what will happen, but it’s smart to work from a place that considers there will always be inevitable surprises. Plan ahead by creating a playbook that offers up a range of actions you can take when curveballs are thrown and setbacks occur. Marketers are constantly dealing with a changing world, so if you take proactive steps to adapt and embrace change, you’ll find yourself ready to face whatever comes your way.

10 Tips to Make Your Writing More Concise

Filed Under: Website, Office, Content @ 5:20 PM August 08, 2016

They say the worst thing you can do when you write is waste a lot of time and space on virtually hollow words that really don't say much, also seems pointless at best.

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