The Importance of the Mobile Experience

Filed Under: Mobile, Website @ 9:40 AM April 25, 2018

How long are you expecting your customers to wait for your mobile website to load – 5 seconds? 10? Or is 15.3 seconds, which is the amount of time it takes for most mobile websites to load? That's a long time in a society that has come to value instant gratification above almost all else.

Using Parallax Scrolling to Enhance Your Brand

Filed Under: Website, Design, parallax @ 10:47 AM July 05, 2017

Aficionados of classic video games recognize the technique in a heartbeat: it causes background images (or words) to move at a different speed from foreground images (or words) while scrolling. As these two entities shift across the screen, the viewer can't help but be drawn in; the combination of depth and movement can be transfixing.

Out with the Old and In with the New: Get a Responsive Website Today

Filed Under: Website, Design @ 12:06 PM June 23, 2017

Can your customers easily navigate your website from any device they have on hand? That includes a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a smart phone. If they have problems navigating your site on any of those devices, you need to upgrade it to a responsive design.

Consider a Rolling Launch to Garner the Most Attention in These Fickle Times

Filed Under: Website @ 11:07 AM June 06, 2017

You don't see it every day, but it pops up more than it should: the grand re-opening event. Consumers may view this type of event as a way to cash in on extended promotions and discounts. But marketing professionals know a “reopening” is code for a launch that did not go right. A reopening is a second chance to remedy whatever went wrong.

Enhance Website Performance With Visuals

Filed Under: Website @ 5:22 PM November 07, 2016

As a business owner, it behooves you to take a page out of the best-selling books with regard to optimizing the performance of your website. When website visitors are engaged, they spend more time on your website. The more time they invest, the more likely they are to give you their contact information. With this crucial information, you can “close the deal” – and ideally open a new and profitable chapter for your business.

Picture the possibilities

Important Considerations Before Choosing a Domain Name

Filed Under: Tips, Website @ 3:28 PM September 29, 2016

Choosing a domain name for your website isn't something that should be taken lightly. After all, it is a name that will be used to identify your website, therefore impacting not only your site, but also your brand. Make note of the following things you should consider before choosing a domain name. 

Finding the Right Tone With a Well-Integrated Live Chat Feature

Filed Under: Customer Engagement, Website @ 5:12 PM August 31, 2016

Incorporating live chat with your business’ website can help increase visitors’ time on page, improve conversion rates and reduce the number of phone calls your company’s reps receive. Live chat features, however, are only effective if they complement -- and don’t detract from -- a website. If you’re looking for ways to improve your business’ website, here’s how to properly integrate a live chat feature to improve the customer experience and your company’s conversions.

After the Redesign - 5 Ways to Make Sure Your New Website is Successful

Filed Under: Website, Design, Content @ 4:11 PM August 19, 2016

From the wire framing to the usability testing to the launch, a website redesign can be quite the experience—especially if you've never been through the process before. 

By the time it's done, you should have a website that works for your company and your customers while outperforming the competition. 

But how will you really know if your new website is performing as well as it can and delivering consistent conversions? 

10 Tips to Make Your Writing More Concise

Filed Under: Website, Office, Content @ 5:20 PM August 08, 2016

They say the worst thing you can do when you write is waste a lot of time and space on virtually hollow words that really don't say much, also seems pointless at best.

How Push Notifications Can Help Your Website

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Website @ 9:00 AM July 20, 2016

Website push notifications can help your company in a variety of ways, such as increasing traffic, leads, and sales. These clickable messages can be sent to subscribers that choose to opt in, allowing you to send them useful information, including the following:


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