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Using a Strong Visual Presence to Build Trust

Nailing down the definition of branding can seem tough, but once you start applying the concepts of branding to your products and assets, it becomes clearer to see. In a nutshell, branding is how you help consumers identify your company, your products and your services as distinct from your competition. It is how you convey everything you want people to know about your company in an instant.

How to Expertly Brand Your Business


A Strong Visual Presence
In years past, companies had just a few touchpoints with consumers. Maintaining a strong brand identity could be done with a memorable logo, a catchy slogan and by using consistent visual elements like colors and fonts throughout product packaging and ads. Today's businesses have almost an unlimited number of touchpoints, thanks to the internet and modern technology. From multiple social media platforms to smartphone apps to websites and email, companies need to work hard to create a cohesive visual presence among all these points for branding to be effective. They need to be immediately identifiable and stand in a group.

Telling a Story Visually
Authenticity and trust are what modern consumers are looking for from a brand, and conveying these ideas requires more than just paragraphs on a website. Every visual element is also critical to the formula, from the selection of fonts to designing a logo – maintaining consistency across all channels is how you begin to build confidence. When your visual identity is consistent, not only are you more easily recognizable, but you give your customers the reassurance that your business is legitimate. You're professional, and you care about the details. 

Getting the Story Right
Take a deep dive into who your audience is, what their values are and what is most important to them. Next, take some time to develop your brand's promise, or the message you want your visuals to send. What are your values and what is your voice? Once you know what you're trying to say, then you can create the visual elements to support that message.

A branding book is a must-have for contemporary companies, as it contains not only the answers to your branding questions, but also sorts out even the tiniest details, including color schemes, fonts, photography guidelines, style guides, and more. Everyone in your organization can refer to this guide to ensure they stay consistent when creating digital content, maintaining social media networks, running advertisements, and throughout other customer touchpoints.

If you’re ready to create a brand for your business, the experts at ADTACK are here to help. We’ll be there to guide and assist you every step of the way. Contact us at 702-270-8772 to get started.

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