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Using Parallax Scrolling to Enhance Your Brand

Aficionados of classic video games recognize Use Parallax scrolling to help enhance your brand. the technique in a heartbeat: it causes background images (or words) to move at a different speed from foreground images (or words) while scrolling. As these two entities shift across the screen, the viewer can't help but be drawn in; the combination of depth and movement can be transfixing.

These aficionados are doing more double-takes these days as the technique, known as parallax scrolling, is popping up on more than just the obvious graphic design and marketing company websites that use it to flaunt their capabilities.

The inherent risk of parallax scrolling is it's easy to get carried away if you're not careful. The technique is not new, but it's new enough that marketers are still finessing how to make the most of it without overdoing it to the point of visual exhaustion. Acclimate your eyes to the scrolling with some winning examples and four sensible tips on how to use it:

Use Parallax to:

Don't Use Parallax At:

As a tactic, parallax may present further proof that web and marketing trends continue to be as dynamic as ever. This should be reason enough for you to reach out to the experts at ADTACK, who specialize in researching, developing and executing marketing strategies, which guide the tactics. This savvy team can help you decide if this design is well suited for your website and, if it is, to integrate it in ways to make those classic video games look like child's play.

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