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What Consumers Want as Travel Planning Shifts to Mobile

Travelers dislike surprises. Before they youngTraveller.jpgbook a trip, they're inclined to not only scour reviews, but also study pictures of a hotel, local attractions, restaurants and even the cabin of the plane.

Such panoramic views might be best suited to a desktop, laptop or even a tablet. But just as consumers are content to purchase clothing, home goods and electronics on their smartphones, they're showing a growing preference for making travel plans on their mobile devices, too.

Convenience trumps all, but some of travelers' other habits might surprise you. If you're a marketer who works in the travel industry – or, by extension, the hospitality industry – you probably also dislike surprises and so want to be prepared for them.

Like an on-time jet, the travel industry takes off

You might never know it from the number of bricks-and-mortar travel agencies, which are as rare as newspaper boxes, but the travel industry has finally rebounded from the recession. It also shows resilience in the face of ongoing security scares, both foreign and domestic.

Just as more people read newspapers online, travelers have resolutely shifted their buying habits online; the online travel industry is expected to grow to $762 billion in 2019, according to Statista. 

Eschewing laptops and desktop computers, travelers prefer to search for and book family vacations and luxury trips on their mobile devices, according to recent data from Google. And travelers' expectations fly as high as a plane that has reached its cruising altitude.

Would-be travelers raise the stakes

If you're feeling the pressure to give consumers what they want, let the marketing professionals at ADTACK assist your best efforts. Begin by downloading our “Jumpstart Your Inbound Marketing” guide. Then call us for a consultation so we can work with you to minimize surprises – and give your mobile-minded customers what they want and need. 

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