By ADTACK Marketing on July 19, 2021

What Does It Mean to Be a HubSpot Certified Agency?

Executing brand marketing to the highest standards means working with a HubSpot Certified Agency. This means that the agency has gone through the training and certification offered by HubSpot. The partnership benefits the agencies and clients. Agencies can attract more clients, and clients can enjoy excellent marketing with the best resources and tools. What does it mean to be a HubSpot Certified Agency? Also, should your agency seek HubSpot certification? Let's discuss. 

What Does HubSpot Certification Mean for Clients?

Working with a HubSpot Certified Agency is a shortcut to enjoying quality marketing and brand growth. The agency has access to training and resources, which means quality results for you. 

As a client, you can filter through an agency's certifications to find the agency with the right qualifications for your brand needs. A higher tier of accreditation means that the agency is more qualified to handle inbound marketing. 

How HubSpot Tiers Work 

If you explore various agencies, you may recognize HubSpot badges. There are different badges, each signifying an agency's tier status. The tiers are based on metrics such as the monthly recurring revenue (MRR), client retention rates, and software engagement. Also, the tiers are awarded based on inbound marketing success. Agencies move from one tier to the next as they improve their services. 

New Partner 

These are agencies that have just qualified for the HubSpot Tier program. The agencies are HubSpot Certified, which helps them drive inbound marketing and Partner Certified, which helps the agencies market, sell, and grow businesses using HubSpot. 


As the agency qualifies for higher MRR and manages more successful marketing projects, it qualifies for the Silver Partner Tier. The qualification opens the agency to HubSpot tools, strategic thinking, training and more. 


The next qualification is the Gold Partner Tier. This badge is awarded to agencies that have exceptional levels of MRR and successful clients. The Gold tier gives agencies access to social amplification, the highly informational HubSpot blog, content creation tools and other resources. 


After Gold, agencies qualify for Platinum Partner Tier. Besides HubSpot resources, Platinum partners also enjoy enhanced exposure and speaking opportunities. 


This is the highest tier with only 13 agencies worldwide carrying the title. This tier encompasses all HubSpot perks and carries the highest levels of MRR. 

How To Choose a HubSpot Partner


Thanks to technology, you can now partner with agencies online and in real time. Physical boundaries are no longer restrictive, which means you can work with the agency that best meets your company's needs. 

Partner Tier 

The tier ranking signifies an agency's marketing expertise, years of experience, and access to Hubspot support. You should select an agency that has a tier ranking that meets your marketing needs. 


Hubspot recognizes agencies through Impact Awards for categories such as graphic design, web design, client responses, branding, SEO, and successful growth. Explore an agency's website to review their certifications.  


An agency with more extended experience is well versed in handling campaigns, utilizing marketing tools, staying current on the latest trends, and carries a deep knowledge of past successful strategies. 

Choose The Right Partner 

ADTACK is a Gold Tier HubSpot Certified agency. We have served many clients who have benefited from the proven HubSpot inbound marketing methodology. Additionally, we use HubSpot tools and analytical tools to execute marketing strategies as required. Contact ADTACK to learn more about our HubSpot certified agency partnership. 


Published by ADTACK Marketing July 19, 2021