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The modern advertising industry is one that heavily relies on the use of technologies to reach new customers and increase conversion rates for brands. With more people seeking products and services online, businesses are increasingly realizing the importance of AdTech in the information age that we live in today. As a budding entrepreneur, therefore, it is critical to understand what AdTech is and what value it can bring to your business.

Marketing agency team around table using AdTech to create effective marketing campaign for client

What Is AdTech? 

AdTech (short for advertising technology) refers to the tools, software, and systems that marketing agencies, publishers, and advertisers use to deliver, manage, and optimize their marketing campaigns. The goal of AdTech is to help advertisers deliver timely and relevant content to the right consumers in a manner that saves on time and resources. 

The AdTech ecosystem is a complex machine with many moving parts. Here are some of the basic aspects of AdTech that you need to understand as a business owner:

1. Programmatic Advertising

Simply put, programmatic advertising is the use of digital technology to purchase ads. Before the advent of programmatic advertising, businesses seeking to buy or sell advertising space had to manually send proposals, tenders, and quotes. However, the rise of programmatic advertising has made it possible to purchase or sell ads using automated software.

2. Demand-side Platform (DSP)

A demand-side platform (DSP) is a software that allows advertisers to buy mobile, display, and video ads. DSPs provide advertisers with access to multiple ad inventory sources and insights, which enable them to optimize their marketing strategy to reach relevant audiences. 

3. Supply-side Platform

A supply-side platform (SSP) is a digital tool that automates the sale of digital ad impressions. SSPs allow publishers to access a wide pool of potential ad buyers and customize their bidding range to maximize their revenue earnings.

4. Agency Trading Desk (ATD)

Agency trading desks (ATD) are digital tools from media agencies that are designed to facilitate programmatic advertising. Besides providing clients with multiple DSPs, they also offer other auxiliary services, including data analytics and campaign management. 

Benefits of AdTech

Employing AdTech in your online marketing strategy can be highly beneficial to your business in a plethora of ways. For instance, it allows you to incorporate all your advertising tools in a single system, which helps save time and makes it easier to manage your campaigns. Using AdTech systems also enables you to track your customers and create targeted ads that are relevant to them. Finally, AdTech makes it easier to monitor your marketing campaign so that you can make bids that will give you the best ROI.

A Final Word

Partnering with a marketing agency that incorporates AdTech in its campaigns can significantly increase your success rate when it comes to generating new leads and increasing traffic to your business. At ADTACK, we leverage AdTech to run solutions-based marketing campaigns that are geared towards helping our clients achieve their objectives. Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

Published by ADTACK Marketing February 17, 2022