By Ashley Hoppe on September 14, 2015

What is HubSpot's New Leadin Feature & How Can It Help My Business?


HubSpot's new Leadin feature provides unique website tools that enable you to easily get more information about your website visitors. This is an excellent content management system that enables you to better connect, track, and store data bout everyone who visits and fills out a form. It was built particularly with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind and here's how it can help your business:

  • Discover new information about your visitors. When a potential customer visits your website, you want to know everything about them, from their demographic to their interest history. The Leadin feature reports which pages they've visited, when and on what landing page they come back, and what social networks they frequent. All of this information helps your sales team gain the right details to know what the next move in the sales funnel should be.
  • Give context for your conversations. Leadin collects public information about stored contacts, information like where they're located, work history, and current company info. This unique info allows you to format a more unique and personalized conversation when your team contacts potential customers. 
  • Higher conversion rate of visitor to contact. This new tool features optional popup forms that elicit visitors for contact information. The contact data it collects enables you to grow your email subscriber lists and better target new leads with customized emails. One of best ways to use your email is with email auto responders in which a series of targeted emails are sent out in set increments. This enables you to personalize different subscriber list based on customer interest learned from website activity. 
  • Analytics to help with conversions. New analytic tools available through Leadin showcase what your best sources of traffic are, and what type of content is the driving force behind the majority of your contacts. This is a much more streamlined version of Google Analytics with easier to use reporting tools. Using this analytic tool can better help your sales team provide the right product recommendations based on unique visitor activity and previous purchases. 

And best of all, the new Leadin feature can be set up in just five minutes. Forget copy and pasting data or onerous exporting, this new feature works with your existing forms. This enables it to automatically locate and integrate its robust tools with the forms already existing on your website. Zero coding required.

This isn't the only new feature HubSpot is rolling out either. Other unique features like the new CRM feature promise to make business owners and entrepreneurs more efficient in how they operate their website and consult with their contacts from initial leads to repeat sales. This helps your business take the guesswork out of a variety of sales tasks to make every conversation more impacting.

To learn more about these new HubSpot features, contact us as ADTACK. Our team is experienced and trained specifically for the HubSpot platform.


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Published by Ashley Hoppe September 14, 2015