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By ADTACK Marketing on November 02, 2018

Why Advertising on Streaming Services Is Getting More Sophisticated

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You already know the way people consume their content has changed. Instead of CDs or iPods, people are listening to their favorite music through streaming services like Spotify and Pandora. Instead of renting movies or sticking to standard channels, people are using streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. In short, more and more people are utilizing streaming services, and thus, that is where you as a business want to be. This is especially important because advertising on streaming services is more sophisticated and more likely to ensure you hit your target market, particularly when you compare with how traditional advertising works.

With traditional media, when you purchase an ad on TV or in a magazine, you know the general demographic of your audience. But, what if we told you with streaming services, you can advertise to an even more tailored audience? For example, for the last couple of years now, Spotify has allowed businesses and marketing brands to target an audience based on either their activity or mood. This has been a huge boon because Spotify has hundreds of playlists tailored specifically to a variety of moods.

Because emotions influence not only what we buy, but also when we buy it, brands that really consider their products and services can hit a home run when marketing on a streaming service. For example, if you sell artisan candles or wine, consider advertising on Spotify's The Most Beautiful Songs in the World playlist. Meanwhile, it should be a no brainer espresso-oriented companies should be on the Your Favorite Coffeehouse channel.

When it comes to video streaming services, Hulu offers incredible marketing and advertising offers to brands. Firstly, much of its advertising spots are offered on a CPM rate generally between $30 and $40, which is cost-per-mile and is a measurement that means the brand or advertiser pays for one thousand views or clicks on their ad.

Additionally, brands can choose to advertise based on thematic content collections, which means Hulu's editorial team will handpick the best series and movies that align with your brand. For more enterprising brands, there is also the availability to provide or work with Hulu's in-house creative team to create a custom integrated commercial that blends seamlessly with a given series.

Are you ready to learn more about how your business can evolve and align itself with streaming advertisements? Contact our team today at 702-270-8772. We do everything from audio-only advertisements to full video commercials and provide a comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy. 

Published by ADTACK Marketing November 2, 2018