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Why Consumers Need to "Know Before They Go" and What That Means for Your Marketing Campaign

It is increasingly common for consumers to do research on most events, places and products they’re interested in. This applies to extended trips like vacations, and shorter activities, such as an evening spent at dinner and a movie. Below are a few reasons consumers want to be as informed as possible before embarking on a planned experience and what this means for your marketing campaign and digital content. It is important to recognize the customer intent behind a search query and adjust your message to match the purpose behind the search.

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1. Planning Helps Consumers Add Excitement to Their Lives

Consumers use planning to build excitement for their future activities. Research indicates the expectation of a fun outing can make you happier and lend joy to your life. It's also interesting to note the "afterglow" of a vacation does not last as long as the pre-trip bliss. 

Your online content should make it easier for consumers to plan their outings. Some items you might add to your website include:

2. Preparing for an Excursion Increases Consumer Confidence in the Success of the Outing

Whether they are visiting a new restaurant or booking a week-long vacation, consumers want to know what to expect. Researching their destination makes it possible for consumers to plan with confidence. 

Add online tools to your website to assist customers with their planning. Some useful tools are:

Not only will these additions make the research process as stress-free as possible, but providing accurate, up-to-date information also allows you to exceed customer expectations and increase their satisfaction with your business.

3. Researching an Activity Aids Consumers With Properly Budgeting for the Experience

Consumers want to keep their spending under control, but they also want to ensure their experiences are worth the price. They want to learn about all of the costs associated with an activity, including:

Outfit your site with tools that permit consumers to estimate their expenses, such as:

Don't attempt to conceal fees or other "hidden" costs. Consumers are willing to pay for experiences they feel improve their lives. Instead, use your digital advertising content to demonstrate your business is an excellent value. 

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