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You, Too, Can Be Known As “The Great Office Communicator”

Wouldn’t this scene just make your day – bigstock--144005663.jpgand even your week? Someone is so blown away by your communication skills that they corner you near the office vending machine and just have to know: What are your top 10 secrets? And would you possibly share them so that others can follow your good example?

You blush. You mumble a thank you. You are so flattered and surprised that while you fumble with your M&Ms, you can remember only nine tips because modesty in speech and manner is probably No. 10 anyway.

This scenario can be more than a daydream; this could happen to you as soon as you champion the 10 traits – make that nine traits -- that all great communicators share, whether they’re from the business world or from the world of politics, whether they occupy the highest rung of the corporate ladder or open the front door for those who do:

If you think there's anything missing from this list, the professional communicators at ADTACK would like to know, via Facebook. What skill or trait should a great communicator possess? Give the matter some thought and then share your ideas – just like a great communicator.

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