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How Hotels and Resorts Can Generate More Leads

Hotels and resorts, like many businesses, bigstock-Lead-Generation-105414245.jpgmust continually be adding prospects to their internal database. Places that fail to constantly generate new leads for their sales team will see stagnant growth and, eventually, decreased business. If you run a hotel or resort, here’s a look at how lead generation can help your place and how to effectively acquire new leads.

A List for Long-Term Growth

Unlike advertising low-priced specials that seek to fill rooms in the near future, lead generation is an investment in the long-term health of your hotel or resort. By developing a list of potential guests, your sales team will have a large prospect list of people who have expressed interest in your place to reach out to. Many of those that have previously shown interest in your hotel or resort will be willing to make reservations at your place, and your customer base will grow over time. The continued growth can provide stability for many, many years to come.

Not only will lead generation help you grow your list of anticipatedguests, but you’ll also be able to attract a type of guest that’s difficult to attract via other marketing means. Groups, such as wedding parties, sports teams, school clubs and tour groups, usually make reservations at places they’re familiar with. They may have never actually stayed at the resort they select, but they almost always have read -- and read a lot -- about the place. The first step to connecting with group leaders and getting them to read about your hotel or resort is to capture their contact information so your salespeople can follow up with them.

Strategies That Generate Leads

The most promising leads you’ll ever have are previous guests, but lead generation requires reaching beyond the list of people who have stayed at your hotel or resort. You need to be trying to connect with people who haven’t seen your place in person. There are several effective ways to do this. You can:

Work with a Lead Generation Specialist

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