By Ashley Hoppe on October 02, 2015

What is HubSpot's New HubSpot Connect & How Can It Help My Business?


At the 2015 Inbound conference, HubSpot rolled out a series of new features. One of the most interesting and important of these for businesses is the new HubSpot Connect. Interested in improving your communications? Here's how the new tool can help you:

One Cohesive System

The goal of this product is to bring together all of your customer data currently on a variety of apps together in one cohesive system. Its aim is to help businesses that rely on these different apps to streamline their communication in order to help management better serve and solve problems for customers. 

For example, you might have your billing data on one app, customer website activity on another, and event participation stored on a third application. This new tool brings together all of these different elements to provide one basic timeline listing every interaction your company has had with specific customers. It's an extension of the already robust inbound marketing platform.

Optimize Your Campaigns

Effective marketers are always on the hunt for new ways to optimize their campaigns to enable them to reach out to the right target audiences at the right time needed to land the sale or pitch. This type of outbound marketing can be challenging as it takes a mix of testing demographics with targeted campaigns, developing creative messaging that works, and balancing the right budgeting.

You can create audience lists based on your landing pages and interest forms. Then, through one of this tool's features known as Smart Lists, you can segment your marketing campaigns and use the right tools to target the right audiences. Working in such a way enables you to create a much more cohesive and automated marketing experience.

Beyond HubSpot Connect

Of course, to get the most out of this tool, you should consider also adding some of the other new tools the company launched. Other new features like the Leadin and HubSpot's CRM all work together to make business owners and entrepreneurs more effective and efficient in how they run their website, consult with contacts, and move leads into sales. All of these tools together help take the uncertainty and guesswork out of developing effective marketing campaigns and make a variety of other sales tasks simpler than ever.

For more information contact us at ADTACK. Our team is experienced with the HubSpot platform and has helped clients from a variety of industries use it to their greatest advantage.


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Published by Ashley Hoppe October 2, 2015