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Adapt Your COVID-19 Marketing Strategy With Our Digital Marketing Agency Expertise

Many digital marketing decisions are internally driven. You create a new product, upgrade your services or add new revenue streams. Other times, like during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may need to adjust your marketing strategies to adapt your business to outside forces. 

The current health crisis has made refining your brand’s digital presence more important than ever. ADTACK Marketing is a digital marketing agency that can help your marine, home services, or tours & attractions business reimagine its digital presence, and adapt to shifting online consumer behaviors. The solutions we provide offer a level of expertise that sets us apart from other Las Vegas digital marketing agencies. 

Meet People Where They Are

As the conversations surrounding COVID-19 turn to recovery, the effects of quarantines and lockdowns will be long felt and lasting. Businesses must now adjust and update their digital strategies accordingly. PPC (pay-per-click) ads, SEO (search engine optimization), and other digital lead generation techniques will still play vital roles. As we move into 2021, now’s the time to make it clear to potential customers that you’re still open for business. Here’s how:

SEO Tactics

A solid SEO strategy that focuses on content relevant to your target niches, should address how consumer preferences have changed during the pandemic. For instance, marine and boating businesses can adjust their digital marketing efforts to appeal not only to boating enthusiasts, but to those who are looking for new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Social Media Integration 

If you operate a business that has been shuttered due to the virus, social media campaigns can be a great way to stay active and top of mind with consumers. Business sectors like tours and attractions can still engage with leads and customers in a meaningful way:

Whether the goal is to increase bookings, keep a positive online presence or to connect with new customers, all of these social media techniques help keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Digital Advertising

Many communities and states have enacted shelter-in-place mandates. This has resulted in business deemed essential being able to remain open. Home services companies like plumbing and HVAC were quickly deemed essential, while others have had to temporarily close. Since people are online more frequently now, essential services can benefit from how much easier it is to reach their target audiences. For non-essential businesses however, digital advertising dollars might be better served by focusing on ads that provide helpful information, steer people to your website, and get you prepared for when all that pent-up demand is unleashed.

Put ADTACK’s Marketing Expertise to Work for Your Brand

As you develop your digital marketing strategy for the new year, working with a digital marketing agency that understands current market trends in your niche can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Contact ADTACK today at 702-270-8772 to learn more about our scalable and reliable online marketing strategies that are designed to generate new leads, even in the midst of a public crisis.

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